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Lettering, Mandala, Flowers, Animated Characters

Hey y’all Tamm here, I like long walks on the beach under the stars…………. Oh wait, wrong website, ha!

I have been tattooing for 30 years, I am well versed in several styles of tattooing, but I specialize in lettering and intricate mandala-type designs, flowers, and animated characters.

My career started in 1991, I was in nursing classes and was asked by my uncle if I would like to learn how to tattoo, he knew I had artistic abilities and he was looking for someone to take his place in his business so he could retire. I really wasn’t too sure about it at the time but figured why not give it a try. And just like that I put down the stethoscope and picked up the tattoo machine. It was magic!

I could create art permanently on people’s skin and make them smile, I was hooked. We have a great team here at Cherokee Creek Tattoo, come see us, let us design some awesome art for you!

You can reach out with questions or to schedule an appointment on one of my social accounts.

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