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Soft Florals, Lacey Delicate, Pet Portraits, Japanese Traditional

Hi, I’m Katherine, and I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.  I also quote 80s and 90s sitcoms A LOT.  Probably more than any one person should!  Movies, music, and TV that came out prior to 2005 – just hits different ya know??  I’ve been told that I’m like a weird blend of certain neurotic T.V. characters, but I take that as a compliment!  I know a whole lot of information about a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter!  And I have a hard time focusing once I get rambling …what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah!

I started making art for FUN when I was very young.  Charcoal was always my favorite.  It was cheap, messy, and you could create such amazing pieces of art with it!  As my styles changed so did my medium choices, oils, acrylics, and watercolor, oh my!! I realized in my early years as a wee one that creating art was a rewarding experience, and I wanted to make art for the rest of my life!  In college, I received my Bachelor’s degree majoring in Fine Art and Art History from Madonna University.  I took what I learned there to help me become the artist I am today.

I began tattooing in 2011 right here at Cherokee Creek, thanks to the opportunity to learn the craft from Johnny Detroit himself!  I have been so blessed by all the opportunities and experiences I have had in the last decade as a Tattoo Artist.  I’ve made amazing friendships and bonds with my clients and fellow artists.  There is nothing quite like creating a special piece of art for someone and being able to make their day by giving them that tattoo.

I have very “nerdy” interests that weigh heavily into my preferred tattoo styles – Anime, Lord of the Rings, Crystals, Comic books, Pokémon, and World of Warcraft to name a few.  I love to make tattoos that will reflect your interests as well!  Soft floral, lacey delicate pieces; pet portraits to remember the important furry members of our families; and Japanese traditional inspired pieces are some of my favorites to do.  I’m always up to make you something fun.  Contact me today for your next tattoo!

You can reach out with questions or to schedule an appointment on one of my social accounts.

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